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25mm syringe filter
25mm syringe filter

Disposable syringe filter is a quick,easy using and reliable filter for lab filtration.Widely used in Pre-filtration,removing particles,liquid/gas filtration.

Pre-sterilized syringe filters
Pre-sterilized syrin...

Ideal for sterile filtration of small volume liquid such as pure water, chemical intermediates, buffers, culture media, fermentation broth, and other biological products.

MCE Grided Membrane
MCE Grided Membrane

The membranes consist of mixed cellulose esters, and specially optimized for membrane filtration method

Glass Fiber Filter
Glass Fiber Filter

This Glass fiber(GF) filter is made from 100 borosilicate glass fibers without use of any binders. The upper limit temperature in use is 475℃. Low extractables and low fiber shedding improve analytic applications.

PP Pleated Cartridge Filter
PP Pleated Cartridge...

Polypropylene(PP) pleated cartridges use the very latest gradient density micro fiber media technology to provide a high dirty holding capacity.

PP melt blown filter cartridge
PP melt blown filter...

PP melt blown filter made of 100 pure polypropylene.they are available in smooth surface,mini grooved surface and deep grooved surface.

String wound filter cartridge
String wound filter ...

String Wound filter cartridges are designed of loose outer and tight inner structure to provide a true deep filtration.

High flow filter cartridge
High flow filter car...

High flow filter cartridges are designed for higher filtration area and higher throughput.It has 6inch/152mm large diameter.

Activated carbon filter cartridge
Activated carbon fil...

Carbon block filter cartridges are designed for high effective filtration,holding up particle impurities, getting rid of odor and smells, also reducing chlorine.

Multi-round SS filter housing
Multi-round SS filte...

Multi-round SS filter housings are made of 304 or 316L stainless steel of the highest quality.They are suitable for a variety of liquid filtration applications.

Absolute PP Filter Cartridge
Absolute PP Filter C...

Polypropylene(PP) pleated absolute cartridges made of multi-layer and new construction of media with absolute rate.

SS Vent Filter Housing
SS Vent Filter Housi...

This vent filter mainly used in biopharmaceutical and Food&Beverage industry to sterile the air or gas.